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    Snow Nigger

    Anyone else watching “Goblin Slayer?” Good shit, man.

    I haven’t read the manga, though. Only just now googled for cool images. Is it worth it? I’m on episode 9 of season 1 in the anime. Seems like it’s ripping off “Attack On Titan” a bit, especially with the soundtrack and genocidal rage (based on fucked childhood) of the protagonist. But most anime/manga is derivative, I’m just glad it’s not mecha. So sick of that genre. Also the fan service in “Goblin Slayer” is pretty reasonable. Just fits a badass alpha vibe of a 007 style womanizer, so I don’t get taken out of the show when they flash big ‘o titties.

    Any other shows like this y’all suggest?

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    Feelz Real

    Nice. Yeah, Goblin Slayer is pretty rad. Reminds me of Berserker. Which is on my to watch list. I remember playing the game on dreamcast and seeing the anime (vaguely) on the scifi channel. See it posted around a lot so probably great.

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    Gorble Boggle

    Urusei Yatsura

    This is nothing like “Goblin Slayer” but it’s not Meccha or any cliche anime. It’s OG. I like it for a mental break between more heavy shows or political YouTube binges. Just cute girl that spawned a lot of the tropes in future animes.

    Plus it’s on YouTube for free, so I can watch it on my phone without worrying about spam since the “free” streaming sketchy anime sites are only good when you have AdBlock on your laptop. And I don’t have a good protection for my phone for such sketch sites.

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