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    Lion Demascus

    I modified cool cicadas routine, mine’s way better.
    booty squats

    Push 1

    Bench (BB): 3×5
    Overhead Press (DB): 3×8-12
    Dip (BW+): 3×8-12
    Incline Bench (DB): 3×8-12
    Triceps Pushdown (C): 3×8-12

    Lateral Raise (DB): 3×8-12
    Triceps Ext. (DB): 3×8-12

    Pull 1

    Bent Over Row (BB): 3×5
    Lat Pulldown (C): 3×8-12
    Seated Row (C): 3×8-12
    Face-pull (C): 3×8-12
    Chin up (BW+): 3×8-12
    Shrug (DB): 3×8-12
    Hammer Curl (DB): 3×8-12

    Legs 1

    Squat (BB): 3×5
    Stiff Leg Deadlift (BB): 3×8-12
    Leg Press (M): 3×8-12
    Lunge (DB): 3×8-12
    Calf Raise (M): 3×8-12

    Push 2

    Overhead Press (BB): 3×5
    Bench (DB): 3×8-12
    Dip (BW+): 3×5
    Decline Bench (BB): 3×8-12
    Triceps Pushdown (C): 3×8-12
    Lateral Raise (M): 3×8-12
    Triceps Ext. (DB): 3×8-12

    Pull 2

    Pull Up (BW+): 3×5
    Bent Over Row (C): 3×8-12
    Seated Row (C): 3×8-12
    Face Pull (C): 3×8-12
    Straight Arm PD (C): 3×8-12
    Curl (BB): 3×8-12
    Shrug (DB): 3×8-12

    Legs 2

    Deadlift (BB): 3×5
    Front Squat (BB): 3×8-12
    Leg Press (M): 3×8-12
    Lunge (DB): 3×8-12
    Calf Raise (M): 3×8-12

    Excercises with 3 sets of 5: On the third and final set, complete as many reps as possible. Increase weight by 5 pounds (or 2.5 kg) as long as at least 5 reps were completed for all 3 sets. Following a 5/3/1 rep scheme would also work for these exercises.

    Exercises with 3 sets of 8-12: Increase weight by 5 pounds (or 2.5 kg) or the next setting anytime 12 reps are completed for all 3 sets.

    PD=pulldown. Abbreviated for formatting.

    If you’re slow: BB=barbell, DB=dumbbell, BW+=bodyweight and additional weight if you are able, C=cable, M=machine.

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    Feelz Real

    Nice. I’ll have to try it out. Been getting sick of my routines or kack thereof. Need to shock the muscles so i feel the burn again.

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    Feelz Real


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    Real Ass Nigga

    Looks good. I am starting a new routine now.

    Doing Convict Conditioning Monday – Friday. Then jogging Saturday and Sunday.
    Also I am doing OMAD (one meal a day) for Mon/Wed/Fri.
    Oh and I’m doing a 30 day Yoga routine with Adrienne.
    Lastly, no booze/sweets/soda.

    Gonna’ try it out for a month and then see how I’m feeling. Might buy a gym membership again but my main goal is weight loss so may just amp up diet and cardio more.

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