I hate dark skin but i love rap-rock chicks who look like Zuleikha Robinson

Look some mixing is okay you guys can keep Europe but I will urn sjw if you take the Zuleikhas away from me…

The Saurian Thrash Rappers who wanna lick Hoda And Kathy bitches…

> The band is mixed with the following races:
> Trina is Black Albanian English Norwegian Yemeni Palestinian Eskimo
> Japanese Cherokee Puerto Rican Thai Samoan Irish Mongolian Mexican Nepali
> Iraqi Syrian Honduran dad+ Chinese Panamanian Sri Lankan Swedish Colombian
> Laotian Belizean Bolivian Chilean Hawaiian Filipino Italian Turkish
> Icelandic Hmong Argentinian Taiwanese Iranian Costa Rican mom
> Charity is Black Albanian English Norwegian Yemeni Palestinian Eskimo
> Japanese Cherokee Puerto Rican Thai Samoan Greek Mongolian Mexican
> Nepali Iraqi Syrian Honduran dad+ Chinese Panamanian Sri Lankan Swedish
> Colombian Laotian Vietnamese Ecuadorian Chilean Hawaiian Filipino Italian
> Turkish Icelandic Hmong Argentinian Taiwanese Iranian Costa Rican mom
> Veronica is Black Albanian English Norwegian Yemeni Palestinian Eskimo
> Japanese Cherokee Puerto Rican Thai Samoan Polish Mongolian Mexican Nepali
> Iraqi Syrian Honduran dad+ Chinese Panamanian Sri Lankan Swedish Colombian
> Laotian Korean Cuban Chilean Hawaiian Filipino Italian Turkish Icelandic
> Hmong Argentinian Taiwanese Costa Rican Iranian mom
> Maria is Black Albanian English Norwegian Yemeni Palestinian Eskimo
> Japanese Cherokee Puerto Rican Thai Samoan Scottish Mongolian Mexican
> Nepali Iraqi Syrian Honduran dad+ Chinese Panamanian Sri Lankan Swedish
> Colombian Laotian Cambodian Guatemalan Chilean Hawaiian Filipino Italian
> Turkish Icelandic Hmong Argentinian Taiwanese Iranian Costa Rican mom
> Monique is Black Albanian English Norwegian Yemeni Palestinian Eskimo
> Japanese Cherokee Puerto Rican Thai Samoan German Mongolian Mexican Nepali
> Iraqi Syrian Honduran dad+ Chinese Panamanian Sri Lankan Swedish Colombian
> Laotian Indonesian Peruvian Chilean Hawaiian Filipino Italian Turkish
> Icelandic Hmong Argentinian Taiwanese Iranian Costa Rican mom
> Jenny is Black Albanian English Norwegian Yemeni Palestinian Eskimo
> Japanese Cherokee Puerto Rican Thai Samoan French Mongolian Mexican Nepali
> Iraqi Syrian Honduran dad+ Chinese Panamanian Sri Lankan Swedish Colombian
> Laotian Malaysian Brazilian Chilean Hawaiian Filipino Italian Turkish
> Icelandic Hmong Argentinian Taiwanese Iranian Costa Rican mom
> The band members are:
> Rap like Vocals- Trina Thai Lawson
> Guitar- Charity White Williams
> Guitar- Veronica Styles Stevens
> Bass- Maria Icepick Iglesias
> Drums- Jenny Latevil Leticia
> Sitar, Banjo, Turntables and Keyboards- Monique Dee Eastblade
> DTS are a lesbian black metal band that uses the same instruments as the
> band Autopsy and thinks Ibanez and seven stringed guitars are garbage!!!
> The Satanic State Troopers are a lesbian black metal band that use the same
> instruments as the band Slayer and they also hate Korn and losers like Korn
> and their guitars!!!
> The Deth-zilla Dentists are a lesbian black metal band with a Napalm Death
> influence that hates the weak and fucking stupid people of Sacramento who
> look like assholes!!!
> The Maniac Pterosaur Cops are a lesbian black metal band with a Hate
> Eternal influence that is bent on destroying the entire planet and
> conquering the universe with the might of Satan!!!
> Tricera-corpse and the Dino-punks are an all male lizard black metal band
> that has a Pestilence influence that wants to spread chaos all across the
> entire world and they want to fuck bottomless Latinas!!!
> The Samurai Sushi Squad is a black male black metal band with a Suffocation
> influence that loves to fuck exotic girls that look like Rita Ora while
> they are naked from the waist down!!!
> DTS Producer, Turntable user, and Rap Vocalist known as Monique Dee
> Eastblade’s favorite bands are:
> At the Gates
> Suffocation
> Immolation
> Massacre
> Pantera
> Cannibal Corpse
> Cannabis Corpse
> Six Feet Under
> Origin
> Decapitated
> Devourment
> Malevolent Creation
> Bloodbath
> Bloodsoaked
> Metallica
> Slayer
> The Following is a List of episodes and also albums the Band DTS has made
> so far in their career:
> 1.Vile 2 The Core
> 2.Custard Filled Chaos
> 3.Animated Violence
> 4.Beware of the Ghosts Of Maui
> 5.Samurai Slaughter-grind Versus The Cyber-demon T-Rex From Hell
> 6.Attack of The Robo-grim-reaper-saurus
> 7.Slayer is God and the Greatest Band on Earth!!!
> 8.Major League Brutality Brachiosaurus Assault
> 9.Godzillamus Jive Versus The Mega Cannon Rapper Known as Lord King Kong
> The Mack Daddy
> 10.Mulatto Lesbian Rap-Metal
> 11.Welcome 2 My Evil Nightmares you Bitch!!!
> 12.Rise of the Speed Metal Stegosaurus
> 13.Behold The Doom Metal Citadel of Chaos
> 14.Do not mess with The Black Nationalist Rap-metal-robot
> 15.T-Rex Pimping For All Eternity you Turd
> 16.Hawaiian Grind-core Hip-hop-Tyrannosaurs
> 17.Plutonian Plesiosaurus Death-grind Rap
> 18.The Decapitator-robot has come 2 Destroy Humanity
> 19.Evil is The Bomb Bitches!!! And I hope Kathy Griffin gets molested in
> public!!!
> 20.Fuck Humanity (And Especially Fuck Your Stupid God)!!!
> 21.Hawaiian pizza From Hell
> 22.Lowrider Brontosaurus Death-grind Rap
> 23.All my Comrades are Mafia Style Great White Sharks From Hell
> 24.Welcome 2 My Unholy Execution Chamber You Turd
> 25.Check out my Funky Fresh Hip-hop Freestyle from Middle Earth!!!
> 26.Behold my Evil Alien Army
> 27.Fuck Politicians!!! And I hope Megyn Kelly gets fucked by a bunch of
> AIDS infected Monkeys!!!
> 28.Capitalism shall fall by the hands of the Lesbian Death Metal
> Rap-core-robot
> 29.The City of Detroit must be Destroyed!!!
> 30.Sacramento Sucks And must Be Annihilated!!!
> 31.Every Cop on Earth is a Faggot!!!
> 32.Necro is a fucking retard!!! I hope someone busts a cap in his ass!!!
> 33.Pop Music shall perish By the Hand of The Occult-murder-saurus
> 34.Anal Cunt Rocks!!! And so does Sexual Bondage!!!
> 35.Kronosaurus Death Grind Hip-Hoppers in Impalas
> 36.The Death penalty is Cool
> 37.Cadillac Driving Gangster Rodan Classics
> 38.I love being black and Smoking crack and wanting white people
> Exterminated
> 39.Behold!!! It’s Super-weed!!!
> 40.Attack of the Mutants who crawl into Cereal boxes
> 41. We are Addicted to Weed, Pussy, and Beer
> 42.Prepare 2 Be Sodomized Jennifer Lawrence!!!
> 43.Let’s Kill all the assholes who dress like ICP!!!
> 44.The Storm of the Fucking Century
> 45.Molested by Zoo Animals
> 46.Punk rock is a Demons favorite music
> 47.Flagitious for Life and proud of wanting to butt-fuck Taylor Swift
> 48.Modernity is a Hellhole
> 49.Attack of the Martian Mosasaurus from hell
> 50.Fuck Hip-Hop Music
> 51.Beware of the Evil-overlord-saurus
> 52.Psycho Killer New York Mets Sickosaurus Classics
> 53.You are not Worthy so get your hip-hop ass way from me!!!
> 54.Rise of the Executioner-saurus
> 55.Grindcore Heroes Assemble!!!
> 56.We Ridicule Rap because the Martian Post-mortem-saurus thinks it’s funny
> 57.Mighty Morphing Sex Offenders
> 58.We think Megan Fox Deserves To be Molested by Demons (On Camera!!!)
> 59.Just headbang to my Wicked Music you Turd
> 60.I like my Big Macs covered in Illegal Substances
> 61.Welcome 2 My Crypt you Turd where Aly Rieisman loves to suck cock all
> day
> 62.Nazi Criminals are Dumb and should kill themselves
> 63.All Rappers must Die!!! So Says The Dark Metal Paleontologist!!!
> 64.The White Race must be Destroyed
> 65.Rise of the Tylosaurus Mecha Decapitator
> 66.Behold my Anti-social Fantasies
> 67.Dimetrodons love eating Leah Remini’s Pussy
> 68.Hatred is our Greatest Weapon
> 69.I must Mutilate Everyone in The World (Especially Senior Citizens You
> Turd!!!)
> 70.Created by the Devil Miss Evil Chola Bitchzilla
> 71.Frosted Flakes Psycho Killersaurus Classics from Hell
> 72.I eat the Flesh of Small Kids
> 73.Hitler is in Da House
> 74.Rise of The Shiteaters from WWI and WWII bitch!!!
> 75.I’m buddies with Terrorists like Boko Haram
> 76.Attack of the Robotic Mauisaurus Marijuana Avenger
> 77.If Public Enemy was Evil (They would be Us!!!)
> 78.Religion is Dumb and Useless
> 79.Will Someone please Stab Sean Hannity in the Face with a Pencil?
> 80.Jesus loves Meth like me and he also loves Filipino Prostitutes with big
> Vaginas!!!
> 81.Killing Fox News Reporters Isn’t Easy
> 82.I love The Nation of Islam Because They Hate White Folks just like Me!!!
> 83.Saturday Morning Cartoon Madness
> 84.Kim Kardashian’s Pussy Smells Like Tuna
> 85.Death Fucking Metal is way better than rap you turd
> 86.Korn sucks harder than a Blonde Porn Actress
> 87.Street Gangs are Dumb so (Says the Zombie Apocalypse Ultrasaurus!!!)
> 88.Whacko Jackson has Returned 2 Eat Your Flesh!!!
> 89.Killing and Raping The Innocent Isn’t easy
> 90.Forensic Files is my Favorite Show
> 91.Social Media Sucks Dick!!!
> 92.Let the “Ways To Fuck Brooke Baldwin” Games Begin
> 93.Miley Cyrus must be Sodomized and Killed!!!
> 94.Sodomized By Winnie The Pooh
> 95.Fuck Sex, Fuck Money, Fuck Murder, (Just Kill Yourselves Already!!!)
> 96.I wish Paula Patton Did Porn
> 97.The Black Metal Dinosaur Crips have come 2 Unleash Hell
> 98.Jesus is not Coming Back You Turd
> 99.Beyonce’s Pussy Stinks
> 100.Eternally Morbid As Fuck and wanting to butt-fuck Zuleikha Robinson
> too!!!
> 101.The Mecha Cockroachzilla Versus The Robot Ichthyosaurus
> 102.White People Are The Spawn of Satan
> 103.I hope The Insane Clown Posse Dies of Cancer
> 104.Black Power Dinosaur Classics
> 105.Attack of the Bi-Racial Cartoon Lesbian Rap-Metal Prehistoric Reptiles
> who Don’t fuck Around!!!
> 106.Surf’s Up Jews!!! Zombie David Duke is coming to kill You All
> 107.Premature Ejaculation makes me Homicidal
> 108.Honolulu Homicidal Holocaust Classics
> 109.Diabolical and Proud of It
> 110.The End has Come 4 Mankind
> 111.Attack of the Mutant Mecha Tanystropheus From Hell
> 112.I want 2 watch Karen Finney Pee
> 113.Satanic Porno Death-gore-grind-o-saurus versus The Cyber Mutant
> Feminazis from Hell
> 114.Nu-metal Sucks Cock!!!
> 115.Mercurian Tarbosaurus Techno Assault
> 116.Cemetery Pteranodon Rap-metal Classics
> 117.I just pissed in your cup of Water
> 118.Attack of the Zombie Inhuman Ankylosaurus from Hell
> 119.I laugh at the suffering of this world
> 120.Your Mom loves 2 Drink Monkey Semen
> 121.Piss fetishes are cool Especially when Death Row Bimbos do it!!!
> 122.Cannibal Corpse is God you Asshole!!!
> 123.Nu-metal still sucks Dick
> 124.Just Pray that we all Die Soon
> 125.Rise of the Unholy Monstrosity known as Darksidesaurus
> 126.Attack of The Unholy Necrologist
> 127.When Green Sewage Attacks
> 128.Superhuman Cyber Dykes Lesbo Squad
> 129.Homicidal Basement Dwellers are Scary
> 130.Gorenography is Eternal
> 131.Oviraptor rap-metal Clandestine Madness
> 132.Satanic G-Funk Madness
> 133.Rise of the Evil Lesbian Empire
> 134.Albertosaurus Acid Rap-metal
> 135.Domestic Violence is Cool And Awesome
> 136.I hate The Republican party
> 137.The website known as Anus.com is Gay and Racist
> 138.Nihilism is Bullshit And I want To Butt-fuck Adele too!!!
> 139.Fuck Brett Stevens and Fuck Deep Ecology Too
> 140.Crocodile Gangster Rap-saurus Classics
> 141.Beware of The Acid Spitting Dilophosaurus
> 142.Darkside Dwelling Kronosauruscutioner Rap-metal
> 143.Obama is an Asshole and a shitty President
> 144.The Venus Project is Important
> 145.I support the NFL because it is a “Naughty For Life” League of Abusive
> Assholes!!!
> 146.Race Mixing is Cool so Fuck Off!!!
> 147.Death 2 All Supporters of Christ!!!
> 148.I am a Murderer and a Child Molesting Cannibal Corpse fan
> 149.We support Radical Islam
> 150.I wish my race loved metal as much as I do
> 151.Ghost Rider 2099 Versus The Decepticon Megalosaurus Porno-bot From Hell
> 152.Blueberry Muffin Serial Killer Morbidsaurus Classics
> 153.Presents Dark Tales from the Crime Scene Technicians
> 154.Mercury Fruit Loops Evilsaurus Madness
> 155.Satan lives in Hollywood
> 156.Bow before the Death Metal Dykes Who Love Dinosaurs
> 157.Ebola is a cool Virus
> 158.We Are Eternally Disgusting and Wicked
> 159.I hate stuck up as hell Latinas (So fuck off Jessica Alba!!!)
> 160.Death-grind Doom 2099
> 161.I am a Hell-raiser
> 162.Quit Destroying Nature
> 163.Let the Flesh eating Begin
> 164.When Evil Butterflies Kill
> 165.Liberals Are Worthless and Dumb
> 166.Blood is tastier than Beer
> 167.Dark tales from the Homicide Detectives
> 168.Too Graphic For Television and not brutal enough for the Tricepticon
> from hell
> 169.I Love eating human Flesh
> 170.The Unholymortuarysaurus has come forth to kill Mankind
> 171.Attack of the Pineapple Sadomasochist Dinosaur from Hell
> 172.Rosemary’s Demonic Black Baby is Crazy as Hell
> 173.Lets All Bathe In Blood and Gore shall We?
> 174.The Future of Madness is the Mecha Doom Metal Rap Gobot-saurus from
> hell
> 175.Do You Want to Die Tonight?
> 176.A true Profile of Insanity interviewing the mutant zits on Oprah’ ass
> 177.Mortal-kombat-bigmac-attack-saurus Classics
> 178.Triceracorpse and the Dinopunks
> 179.I hate Rock & Roll (But I Do love Black Metal!!!)
> 180.Behold The Sarcophagus of Satan
> 181.Rise of The Warplanesaurus The Destroyer
> 182.Drowning in a Sea of Cocks and Pussies
> 183.Gangsta Glyptodont Classics
> 184.Saber Tooth Tiger Meth Addict Madness
> 185.I Want 2 Kill All White Rappers
> 186.Death 2 Anyone who hates Multiculturalism!!!
> 187.The White Race Has No Future
> 188.Molested by a Black Jew Named Toby Gerstein
> 189.I Got Yellow Fever (A Tribute 2 Asian Pussy)
> 190.Haha!!! Mariah Carey’s Pussy Stinks!!!
> 191.God Bless Crooked Cops because they kill people like You!!!
> 192.Zombiepterodactylus Rap-core Classics
> 193.I want To Fuck Anne Marie Green In the Ass!!!
> 194.Welcome 2 My Meth lab you Turd
> 195.I want to Sodomize Sarah Silverman (And Then Kill Her)
> 196.Computers are Gay
> 197.Thank God 4 Narcotics
> 198.Molested and Killed in a Library
> 199.I am Your Worst Nightmare White Trash of America!!!
> 200.God Please Give Obama Cancer, AIDS or Ebola
> 201.I Killed Someone at your College last year
> 202.Bow before the Gamera Styling Negroid Cum Lord
> 203.Punk up your Ass!!!
> 204.Attack of the Evil Polynesian-saurus
> 205.Slipknot and Twiztid Are Really Super Gay
> 206.I Do Drugs for Fun You Turd
> 207.We want 2 Fuck Melissa Harris Perry In Her Butt and squirt Semen on her
> face!!!
> 208.I stab people with Mechanical Pencils
> 209.The End of all Time Has Come Bitches!!!
> 210.We are Products of The Devils DNA
> 211.I Rape Puppies while listening to Entombed You Turd
> 212.Homo-sickoality is a cool Fetish
> 213.My Band wants to Fuck Mila Kunis In her Butt
> 214.I want to suck on Katy Perry’s sweet fucking cunt!!!
> 215.Satanic Disco Ex-cop Dromaeosaurus Classics
> 216.We are The Masters of Death Metal You Bitch
> 217.Japanese Robo-Stegoceras Rap-rock Madness
> 218.All Female Cops Must Be Sodomized
> 219.I wish it was 1984 all Over again
> 220.Nothing Beats the Thrill of Devouring a Christian who is Killed!!!
> 221.Iggy Azalea is a stupid ass Whore!!!
> 222.Young Strapped and Hopeless
> 223.Prepare 4 Your Final Destination Bitch!!!
> 224.Michelle Rodriguez is a Stupid Fucking Cunt!!!
> 225.Attack of The Zombie LAPD Killersaurus Army
> 226.Ted Cruz and John Boehner suck each others small flaccid Dicks every
> Night (And that’s the truth!!!)
> 227.Seth Aaron Rogen is not Funny
> 228.Charlie XCX is a Stupid Cunt!!!
> 229.Utahraptor Style Mulatto Lesbian Death Metal Rap
> 230.Fuck Rolling Stone Magazine!!!
> 231.Communism is not stupid you turd
> 232,Bow before The Mecha Serial Killer Rodman-Rap master MC
> 233.Larry David vs. Predator X the Porno-saurus
> 234.Twitter is Dogshit and Instagram is for crybabies
> 235.Edie Lambert has a huge Meaty Pussy
> 236.Satanic Nazi tattoos are hot as Hell
> 237.Piss Drinking Child Molesters are cool as Fuck
> 238.Fuck the 1970’s and Especially the 1960’s
> 239.I get high off Mexican Candy
> 240.Rise of the Deth-gore-grinderskullzilla
> 241.Fuck anyone who Hates Anal Cunt
> 242.Deicide is the coolest band Ever
> 243.Porno-grind up your Ass
> 244.Cannibal Corpse is not stupid you Turd
> 245.The band Grave wants to Fuck Kate Blanchett
> 246.Candy Crowley wants to Bite off Satan’s Cock
> 247.We are still Sicko Faggo Muthafuckoz that are the only good rap-metal
> Masters ever!!!
> 248.Mulatto Lesbian Black Metal Rap Saltasaurus Classics
> 249.Polynesian Death Strike Force Edmontosaurus Rap-core Madness
> 250.Will Someone Please Shoot Ben Ferguson Already?
> 251.Kronosaurs Voltronodon X Versus Serialkillersaurs 2099
> 252.Eminem and Kid Rock are cocksuckers who also happen to be gay Lovers!!!
> 253.Undead Skinheads are coming kill you
> 254.We swear Allegiance to no one
> 255.Jesus hates Cannabis (But he Loves Pedophilia!!!)
> 256.I want 2 Sodomize Wendy Williams
> 257.Gang-fucked by Elephants the size of Planets
> 258.Attack of the Titan Sized Gay Men from Hell
> 259.Dandruff Flavored Pussy Skin is Tasty
> 260.I call my AK-47 Barker Louise Jr. The III
> 261.Behold the Power of TR the legend who reigns in Dark Realm X
> 262.Rush Limbaugh is a fucking Faggot!!!
> 263.Cannibals who eat human vaginas are my Heroes
> 264.John the Baptist was a Cocksucker
> 265.Attack of the Death Rap Cyber Decedent Argentinosaurus Mutilator From
> Hell
> 266.There is no heaven you Fucking retard!!!
> 267.All Rappers are mediocre compared to me and my band so they should
> still Fucking die!!!
> 268.I Give Head to German whores while they are still on The Rag!!!
> 269.All Hip-Hop stars deserved to be Raped with a Bushmaster rifle!!!
> 270.Herman Cain has a small dick (And fuck Ben Carson too!!!)
> 271.We still hate Horror-core and we are better than Ice-T!!!
> 272.Even a ugly whore would not fuck Boondox, Necro and Blaze Ya Dead
> Homie’s sorry asses
> 273.Rose McGowan is a worthless stupid freaking whore!!!
> 274.Attack of the Puerto Rican Prostitute Cyborgs from Hell
> 275.Mariyln Manson sucks more dick Than Britney Spears and Jenna Jameson
> Combined!!!
> 276.Thank Goodness for September 11th 2001
> 277.Native American Zombie Robots are scary
> 278.Behold Jennifer Lopez’s meaty round ass versus Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
> and Neptune put together!!!
> 279.Fred Durst’s bitch ass needs to be sterilized immediately
> 280.I wish Osama Bin Laden killed the band Korn and had opened the gates of
> hell to kill us all!!!
> 281.We Personally think Female Crackers and African Americans are all ugly
> as Fuck!!!
> 282.Fuck Brown People!!! Asians are Better!!!
> 283.I want to Lick Fredricka Whitefeild’s sweet chicken Flavored Nigger
> Pussy!!!
> 284.Prepare to face the band Incantation as they Transform into the Mecha
> Kronosaurs Destroyer!!!
> 285.We Want To Suck Your Cock!!! Just Kidding we actually sodomize Korean
> Girls!!!
> 286.Trina Thinks any kind of Pan-Nationalism is just plain Fucking
> Stupid!!!
> 287.All who Oppose me Shall Die!!!
> 288.We think Dictators Are cool because They Kill People
> 289.I wish Adolf Hitler was was black so he could kill all Rappers and
> Prostitutes!!!
> 290.All Human Beings Would be Better Of Worshipping Satan
> 291.I hope that stupid bimbo bitch Pamela Andersons dies of Breast cancer
> 292.President Obama Loves to Suck the Band Korn’s tiny little flaccid Dicks
> All Night!!!
> 293.Mexican Low-rider Mixosaurus Assassin Versus The Mecha Godzilla
> Gangster Crip Destroyer
> 294.Stephanie McMahon deserves to be Fucked in her cum-holes by dozens of
> black guys
> 295.Cybernetic Disemboweler Liopleurodon Versus The Space Godzilla
> rap-rocker from Hell
> 296.Sofia Vergara Should be forced to Fuck a bunch of monkeys while wearing
> nothing but a Carcass Shirt, striped socks and Chuck Taylors!!!
> 297.Kat Von D is a smelly fucking whore!!!
> 298.Fuck Donald Trump, Fuck Biker gangs and Especially Fuck White Males
> 299.187 Mothra-saurus Gore Metal Rap hits from Another Dimension
> 300.The Cyber Exorcist Versus Pornomus Prime The Well Hung Autobot
> 301.Rachel Maddow’s pussy taste like Taco Bell nachos
> 302.Catherine Zeta Jones Has Sucked every Dick In the Kirk Douglas Family
> as well as being a fucking Pedophile!!!
> 303.Ashley Judd loves to Masturbate with dinosaur Bones!!!
> 304.Necro needs drugs because he is a fucking Loser!!!
> 305.I want to rape and fuck real hard Nicole Snooki Polizzi in all of her
> Orifices
> 306.Macklemore is a dumbass who should be Killed!!!
> 307.I hope Cheech and Chong get eaten by a giant Marijuana Bong
> 308.Ghetto Morgue Robo Mortuary Archaeopteryx Hip-hop death metal classics
> 309.May the Universe rot In Hell and be Devoured by Satan
> 310.Fuck World Peace!!! Mulatto Power!!!
> 311.All Wigger and non-black rappers must be put in a tank full of mutant
> sharks!!!
> 312.Black metal is scary as fuck dude!!!
> 313.The white race has made rap even gayer than it already is
> 314.Dark Skinned bitches are ugly as fuck!!!
> 315.Will someone please shave my pussy already?
> 316.The day the Earth got a Boner!!!
> 317.I am a gay chubby chaser just like that asshole Joe Arpaio
> 318.Gangraped by Japanese Ninjas
> 319.Satan is a well hung black dude named Derek Jawonadingdong
> 320.I want 2 get fucked in all my holes!!!
> 321.Julie Banderas deserves to be Sodomized by a Well hung Dimorphodon
> 322.I killed a Shemale Brazilian Faggot at a Burger king once
> 323.Sacramento’s current hip-hop scene is for failures
> 324.Fucking Hairy ass East Indian pussy isn’t easy (Because those women are
> racist as hell man!!!)
> 325.We are proud to say Death to False Metal!!!
> 226. Ann Coulter is the dumbest slut on Earth!!!
> 227.Sarah Palin can suck my Dick (ALL night long!!!)
> 228.We think that Carson Daly dipshit is a fucking faggot!!!
> 229.I hope the faggots in the Grand Old Party Kill themselves Real Soon
> 230.Alec Baldwin loves eating black pussy
> 231.I want to suck on Hillary Clintons fat meaty ass cunt!!!
> 232.Fuck Danzig, Fuck Motrohead, and especially fuck Ronnie James Dio’s
> bitch ass!!!
> 233.I wish Gina Gershon and Megyn Kelly would eat each others Cunts!!!
> 234.Purple Mammothsaurus Pedophile Monster Rap-Rock Classics
> 235.Nicole Austin needs her sweet pussy licked by me!!!
> 236.Mike Huckabee Sucks black Dick!!!
> 237.Dina Eastwood’s pussy stinks!!!
> 238.African Americans should be forced to listen to Slayer!!!
> 239.Pimpzilla Placodont hip-hop heavy metal badass classics
> 240.Will someone please tell that black cunt prostitute Michelle Obama to
> stop acting like she has a pair of Testicles!!!
> 241.Fuck Rita Ora and especially fuck The Albanian race!!!
> 242.I want to watch Carrie Underwood take a shit!!!
> 243.Will You Please let me lick the runny shit from your ass!!!
> 244.Fucking your kid in the ass isn’t easy
> 245.Go back to Africa you turd!!!
> 246.When it comes to Pornography its either my way or the highway
> Asshole!!!
> 247.Liquid THC makes me happy Motherfucker!!!
> 248.Dominican and Haitian pussy is repulsive as Fuck!!!!
> 249.Gospel music sucks Dick!!! Jesus is a Dildo Loving faggot!!!
> 250.Attack of the Grave Vomit Space Godzilla Cannabis King
> 251.Black Metal must remain evil For all Eternity you Hipster Fuck
> 252.Mass Murder is Better than Sex
> 253.I shot your family dead and fuck their Corpses last night
> 254.Decimated by the Sociopaths of Hell
> 255.Your Father sucks black Dicks for only 99 cents!!!
> 256.Christianity is gay ass bullshit!!!
> 257.Most people on Earth must be destroyed (Especially all the rich
> Jackasses out there)
> 258.Donald Trump should just kill himself and give his money to the poor
> 259.Molested and killed by a well hung Tongan Murderer
> 260.The Robotic Killer Barosaurus Versus the Satanic Red Dragon Allosaurus
> rap-rocker from Hell
> 261.I want to beat you with a baseball bat
> 262.Viciously Sodomized in El Salvador
> 263.Rob Zombie has no fucking talent whatsoever!!!
> 264.Will someone please shove a giant cock in Hoda Kotb’s stupid mouth!!!
> 265.The time has come for All women to be oppressed, Raped, and Killed!!!
> 266.Larry Flynt is a Real American Motherfucker!!!
> 267.Killer Corn Flakes Stegosaurus Rap-rock classics
> 268.Muslim men have tiny little dicks!!! But I love sucking them anyway!!!
> 269.I can smoke weed with my pussy and Fuck Bethany Crouch in the Ass at
> the same Time!!!
> 270.Cockslapped by a Ninja Turtle!!!
> 271.Eating shit is an Art Form (Just ask Darren Peck with his bitch ass!!!)
> 272.Half Japanese, Half Hawaiian and all the way crazy in the bedroom!!!
> 273.The Black Panthers Versus The Pink Panther
> 274.Kellie Demarco has some juicy ass Pussy Lips!!!
> 275.Captian America is a Faggot!!!
> 278.I want to get Cock-slapped by an Army of Black Guys
> 279.Fuck Deathmetal.org and Especially Fuck David Rosales and yes, That
> Bitch Brett Stevens Too!!!
> 280.Behold The Grind-core Gallimimus Dope Tracks I’m Mixing
> 290.Dark Tales from the Anime Mulatto Lesbian Grind-core Rappers From Hell
> 291.I kill music Critics for fun you Turd
> 292.Just Call Me You Dumb Bitch!!!
> 293.When Mutant Lint Attacks Latino Gang-members (It is quite funny)
> 294.Latinas have Homer Simpson looking Vaginas
> 295.Will someone Please Kill Those Fags In Limp Bizkit Already?
> 296.Marshmallows taste better with your moms breast milk
> 297.Choked the fuck up with Thy own Intestines
> 298.The Bell Curve was Right
> 299.Stuck Up Bitches Die Slowly!!!
> 300.Brad Pitt Needs to get off His lazy White Ass and Play a Superhero
> for pete’s sake!!!
> 301.I want 2 fuck all the bitches on the Latino Network!!!
> 302.Emilila Clarke has a meaty Pussy-hole that needs to get Fucked!!!
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> The Lead Singers top Ten Favorite bands are as Follows:
> Slayer
> Deicide
> Morbid Angel
> Incantation
> Immolation
> Grave
> Nile
> Mortician
> Hooded Menace
> Vital Remains
> The band’s Influences:
> Pestilence
> Cradle of Filth
> Blaspherian
> Inner Circle
> Vader
> Nile
> Body Count
> Obituary
> Metallica
> Suffocation
> Mortician
> Napalm Death
> Anal Cunt
> Public Enemy
> Pantera
> Slayer
> Pessimist
> Cannibal Corpse
> Dying Fetus
> Emperor
> Tricera-corpse and the Dino-punks are:
> Vocals-TC
> Guitar-Vericide
> Guitar-Charitor
> Bass-Marinex
> Drums-Jennitus
> DJ-Deeclonus
> The band wears the following clothing brands:
> Dickies shirts
> Converse shoes
> Ben Davis pants
> MLB Jerseys
> Adidas shoes
> Puma shoes
> Death Metal hoodies
> The band looks like:
> 1.Trina looks like Zuleikha Robinson
> 2.Charity looks like Jennifer Lopez
> 3.Veronica looks like Melanie Brown
> 4.Maria looks like Rosario Dawson
> 5.Jenny looks like Pop singer Pink
> 6.Monique looks like Beyoncé Knowles
> The bands parents are:
> Trina Thai Lawson-Mike Lawson and Denise Lawson plus sister Rose Lawson
> Charity White Williams-Carl Williams and Francine Williams plus sister
> Jessica Williams
> Veronica Styles Stevens-Kyle Styles and Jennifer Styles plus sister Beth
> Stevens
> Maria Icepick Iglesias-Chris Iglesias and Debbie Iglesias plus sister
> Luanne Iglesias
> Jenny Latevil Leticia -Joseph Leticia and Britney Leticia plus sister Amy
> Leticia
> Monique Dee Eastblade -Wallace Eastblade and Kate Eastblade plus sister
> Molly Eastbalde
> Samurai Sushi Squad is a black male death metal band that sounds
> like Obituary made of the following musicians:
> Vocals-Mike “Bulldozer” Lawson
> Guitar-Carl “Battle-god” Williams
> Guitar-Kyle “Sadistic” Stevens
> Bass-Chris “The Beast” Iglesias
> Drums-Joseph “Demonic” Leticia
> Keyboards-Wallace “Warrior” Eastbalde
> The Satanic State Troopers is a Japanese gothic metal band that sounds like
> the speed metal group Slayer made of the following musicians:
> Vocals-Tami Ikozuma Katsubaya
> Guitar-Emily Shinzi Takahara
> Guitar-Lana Taiupi Shinzo
> Bass-Itira Udebe Tizimara
> Drums-Betrice Oplinzo Mataksho
> Keyboards-Aiko Igziogara Shinzumbe
> The Satanic State Troopers are an Japanese rap-metal band mixed with the
> following races:
> Tami is Japanese Burmese Russian father and a Romanian Ukrainian Hmong
> mother
> Emily is Japanese Burmese Russian father and a Korean Ukrainian Jewish
> mother
> Lana is Japanese Burmese Russian father and a Irish Ukrainian Pakistani
> mother
> Itira is Japanese Burmese Russian father and a Peruvian Ukrainian Mexican
> father
> Betrice is Japanese Burmese Russian father and a Swedish Ukrainian
> Bangladeshi mother
> Aiko is Japanese Burmese Russian father and a German Ukrainian Chinese
> mother
> About the band:
> The six piece act known as DTS is a Cartoonish style X-rated
> African-American lesbian rap-metal, porno-grind, indsutrial-grind,
> death-core, black metal, death-grind, hard-core, grind-core, death metal,
> speed metal, punk rock, and funky hip-hop heavy metal band from Sacramento
> California bent on attacking stupid laws plus society’s taboos and the
> white media establishment and also mocking the idiocy of modern pop culture
> and its proponents. Their mission is to fight against censorship, American
> sarcasm, stuck up women, liberals, conservatives, bad music, white
> supremacy, feminism, non-black rappers and white boy stupidity because they
> think it is destroying heavy metal (A style of music they love) as well as
> making the people they hate rich off the backs of hard working African
> Americans like themselves. The band is six feet tall and loves to wear
> mostly Dickies, Ben Davis and Converse high top shoes on most occasions.
> The band is only lesbian because they hate the idea of having sex with a
> man.The band is glad to be offensive and they hate censorship. The band
> sounds like the death metal band Incantation with Ice-t like Body Count
> influenced rapped over vocals. They hate the Obama Administration and they
> hate Liberals. They also hate Conservatives too. They only play different
> styles of music just amuse themselves and to fund death metal projects. The
> only rapper they make an exception to their hatred or rap is Ice-t because
> he plays in an offensive black power rock band and his wife has a super hot
> ass. Their lead singer and their lead guitarist are lovers as well as being
> both responsible for vocals for the band. They hate the government and they
> hate fox news. They hate most white males except for Robin Thicke because
> he loves race-mixing and because his ex-wife is a beautiful mixed girl who
> the band wants to fuck who looks like she could play in their band. They
> hate all white rappers, cops, the FBI, and the CIA. The bands worst enemies
> are the white rap-rock groups that preach white power and misogyny and
> violence not because they hate the band, but because the band hates them
> personally. They wish that Kid Rock, Slipknot, Korn, ICP, Kiss, Iggy Azalea
> and Ill Bill and Mudvayne were dead and they want to body slam Rush
> Limbaugh because he represents white male supremacy and racism.
> The band is proud to be gay and they have been gay all their lives. They
> love The Los Angeles Lakers and The Los Angeles Dodgers because they have
> cool jerseys. The band was born in the late fall of the year 1990 at
> Kaiser hospital and have been playing Morbid Angel songs since they were in
> high school. The band loves boxing because they would love to punch some
> stupid conservatives in the face. The bands parents are originally from
> Hawaii but moved to Sacramento to pursue a career in music as well as study
> law to become civil rights attorneys. The bands grandparents look like
> Denzel Washington and Jennifer Tilly.The bands fathers look like Tiger
> Woods while their mothers look like Jennifer Lopez. The band says the
> closest ideology to their beliefs is the Venus Project by Jacque Fresco.
> The band has a black metal rapper Buffalo Bills fan as a mascot named
> Tricera-corpse which is really a demonic Triceratops sent from hell to
> destroy mankind. who also happens to play in the band Triceracorpse and The
> Dinopunks, a punk rock band. The band says that if it were not for Slayer
> and Obituary, they would probably dislike metal music. The band wears fake
> tattoos but their piercings are real. The band rarely smokes weed but
> admires the band Cannabis Corpse because of their drug laced name. The band
> despises those racist idiots on nihilist websites who make fun of their
> band because they agree with a lot of the issues those sites support. Also
> those sites bash the band called Pantera which the band considers offensive
> since the band considers Korn the worst band ever. The bands sisters are
> dentists who happen to be married with sons who all play in the band called
> the Deth-zilla Dentists. The Deth-zilla Dentist’s family however died in a
> car accident leaving only the main women to front the band. The band lives
> in the suburbs of Sacramento with their two pit bulls Steve and Sally. They
> do not support white power hate groups and consider the Black Panther Party
> to be one of the only controversial groups they endorse. Even though the
> band is half Hispanic and also half Polynesian they do not consider
> themselves to be actually Hispanic or Polynesian, but instead prefer to be
> called women of color or “Bad ass black chicks”. The bands fathers met in
> 1970 to protest a white supremacist group. Their dads then started the
> black metal punk band Samurai Sushi Squad in responds to that meeting. The
> band loves baseball, hot wings and getting drunk of their asses. They also
> love oral sex and they love to watch each other pee. Even though they are
> not big fans of white people they do however like Katy Perry because she
> has a nice set of boobs and she looks like she would be great in bed. They
> made a sex tape back in 2011. They then posted some bottomless photos of
> themselves after that sex tape on the internet. They are currently working
> on another album due in the fall of next year.
> The bands mothers are in a band called The Maniac Pterosaur Cops.The band
> plays the same instruments as the bands called Incantation, Grave and the
> band Nile. The band also has a Turntable mixer named Monique Dee Eastbalde.
> The band does not like having white fans and considers the white fans of
> metal to be elitist, racist, stupid, lazy, and corrupt. The have performed
> for white fans, but only in rare circumstances like the Academy awards.
> They dislike elitist and hateful bigoted ass narrow minded conservative
> pro-white websites like American Nihilist Underground Society and
> Amerika.org for promoting pro-white politics and denying that racism still
> exists in America and also mainly supporting an end to race-mixing,
> something the band is a strong proponent of since the band would not have
> been born if it weren’t for miscegenation and the fact that the band is
> mostly attracted to mixed girls. They speak fluent Spanish and it is their
> second language, a thing which they learned form their fathers . They love
> Japanese women and they have a crush on the sexy Latin singer Jennifer
> Lopez. The band is in a lesbian affair with another band called The Satanic
> State Troopers, an all Japanese lesbian Goth Metal band as well as the band
> members within the band Deathskullsaurs are dating each other. The Satanic
> State Troopers were born at Mercy San Juan Hospital in 1990 and they hate
> white supremacy just as much as Deathskullsaurs does. They frequently get
> into fights with fans of fox news on the internet because they consider the
> viewers of that channel to be lazy, moronic and elitist. They do not like
> the internet and they hate social media. They do however like CNN because
> of the hot women who hosts the shows on that channel. They lost their
> virginity to their lead singer in the sex tape they made back in 2011 and
> were hoping to feature Brooke Baldwin of CNN in that very same tape. They
> do not like fat or dark skinned women but they do think MSNBC’s Karen
> Finney is very attractive since she is thick, meaty, light skinned and
> looks like the lead singers sister. They are friends with the New Black
> Panther party because they hate white folks just as much as the band does.
> The band says they are proud to be mixed race and hope that no one who is
> bi-racial feels shame and guilt for being different. They hope to open
> minds and end white supremacy in metal and in America forever.
> The First Deathskullsaurus grind-core Album: Vile 2 The Core
> Vile 2 the Core:
> 1.A vile introduction
> 2.Megan Fox is just a stupid Bitch
> 3.Fuck the Green Bay Packers and fuck The Yankees too!!!
> 4.The Haunted is a shitty band and fuck Coal Chamber Too!!!
> 5.I piss on your grave Tupac Shakur!!!
> 6.Bury me in maggots after I die
> 7.Raped by a fat gay Nazi Cannibal Corpse Fan
> 8.Kike pussies smell like shit so fuck Mila Kunis
> 9.I farted on your stash of weed
> 10.Obama sucks dick
> 11.Punk rock is gay and Niggers are just fucking stupid!!!
> 12.I kill emo kids every single day
> 13.Molested with fossilized shit
> 14.I love watching kids masturbate
> 15.Fuck this world and fuck you too Amy Schumer!!!

Celebs suck and no they ask for it look at them…I really need slit and all they do is play games fucking bitches…

Neoconservatives arent American Conservatives

Brett Stevens doesn’t impress me– from what I’ve read so far.

America and Western Civilization was NOT always about the strong, the wise, or the intellectually gifted.  Its not about advancing a core group of tribal superiors today. The articles I read sound like veiled Nazism. Evolution had a dark side you know.. when it became “social evolution” Hitler definitely approved.  This guy speaks of repatriating “others” to other countries where they would be more like those around them — That is not American Nationalism, not in the tradition of Western Civilization.

What I read was a familiar personal reaction to POSTMODERNISM… Where  the only two choices are to accept the mendacity of political, corporate, and consumerist collectivist mind control, (with all its attendant evils and lack of a genuine, well…humanity.. for lack of a better word) or to escape through  suicide, as one poor tortured soul on your site seemed to be contemplating…


The extremes of postmodernism are polarizing, as the writer observes. Either retreat  into hyper-isolation as a hyper individualist, or surrender your soul to the falsehoods and banalities of hyper-relativism.. where no one is truly good, bad, excellent, or substandard.. a valueless hodgepodge and polyglot, where all men are forced to be EQUALLY TOLERATED. ( not created equal.)

This was the central failure of the 1950-80s “humanist movement” by the way. They threw the baby out with the bathwater when they attempted to kill religious belief everywhere, and promoted Scientism in its place.

The vestiges of a deity of some sort, still seemed imprinted on their agnostic souls, so they tried to elevate the entire concept of humanity to the stature of deity. The abject failure is seen, that given enough opportunity, some uniquely gifted or privileged humans will declare themselves “Gods” over the rest of us. And as anyone who has spent any time in government service will tell you, mediocre human leaders and bureaucrats with unchecked power (within their own sphere) make poor ‘gods,’ indeed.

Collectivism has no ideological center. Even the old patriotic memes are failing today.. “Flag, Nation, Family,” they all are up for grabs as to what they represent, and what they actually MEAN.  Reason itself is bowed and cowed to political correctness; fear replaces the courage of conviction necessary to stand against the current of “popular” opinion as an individual, much less the empowered tyrrant.

America is a diverse community, and in small towns and rural regions there is still a stronger community identification than in the postmodern-blighted cities, or on television where collectivism preaches its message. The “strong” and more fit, as it turns out, are those who can still strike a balance between hyper-individualism and collectivism, and between globalist and nationalist impulses. Such people have a PERSONAL CENTER that is not dependent on the tribe, or even the community, but the soul.

And this is where traditional Western Civilization was different than ancient Eastern conceptions of spirituality. There is a pattern of hyper-individualism to be seen in the East, whose best attempts at community were feudalism, Monarchy, or a caste system– all of which Brett Stevens would seem to endorse, complete with forced expatriations and centralized planning– done by the enlightend few of Plato’s Republic presumably?

No, the spirit of Western Civilization at its best, can be seen in familiar works of Art and Literature of times past. Charles Dickens “Scrooge” resonates the spirit of community and charity, and the ugliness of its opposites. Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms” portray ideals of community and family, charity and faith, a voluntary personal identification of which naturally bonds people of like faith and aspirations in communities.

Western Civilization at its finest.

“Satan” as one of the writer above’s commentators observed, chooses the worst cruelties in society to exploit in larger humanity. He  props them out front and center stage. The power of a “curse” is in the spoken word and by example. The lie is its handmaiden. Humans respond to curses by fear and through identification with bad examples. When fully internalized, the curse and the lie destroy both the soul and the community as well.

When I say “useful idiot” I do not  mean it as a curse..and its not a lie either… its a gentle slap in the face. Pointing out the “insanity of postmodernity” ( frequently on display here)  is a tireless effort that exceeds my humble ability as an aquatic observer of human nature; its an immense kaleidoscope of foolishness that has too many facets to begin describe.

Pointing this out changes nothing. The postmodern curse and lie which reduces humans to postmodern values is self-defeating, and something we all should be able to recognize by now.

Brett Stevens’ concepts of “Nationalism” is no salvation… Its just the now familiar Nietzchean ‘will to power’ with a happy face. Only those who refuse to learn from history, and somehow imagine themselves “the good guys” would ever buy it.

All (humans) have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.’   

Useful idiots!

–Shooting Shark



Pendulum Swing? Natural cycles? Or an empire collapsing slowly?

Promoting violence in America is irresponsible when facing a fair election.
But when it comes to Islam and demographic replacement, there really isn’t any
other viable option at this point. The only question is what the boiling
point will be… would a British 9/11 wake those pansies up? Was Hitler right?
Were all the men with balls left killed in The Great War? Will the demographics
change so much so that the frog gets boiled gradually, until it’s too late?