Demography iz De$tiny


“Demography is destiny.” And only sheltered woke hypocrites don’t get that yet. There’s a reason everyone is fleeing California. The ripple effects are impossible to overstate. It’s not just having a cheap maid and gated communities. The entire fabric of society starts to degrade. If you can’t trust the cops and your votes feel like you’re at the DMV, then do you think the value of your currency and military will be just as strong? 

Examples & Inspiration:

2020 Voter FraudQuitman 10OJ SimpsonCurtis VanceWyclef Jean

2020 Voter Fraud

Mainly inspired by the people they chose to show counting votes on the NY Times front cover. And listening to the testimonials of sassy Black women blocking coworkers (figuratively and literally) from being professional and doing their job. Also hearing the indignant Shaniqua representative hoop and holler about how her “sistas dindu nuffin” despite her not being there to witness the claims. We are one step away from a South African parliament style brawl… 


SUPERCUT: Bombshell MI Hearing Highlights! | Louder With Crowder


South African Politicians Break Into Fist Fight | NowThis


NY Times Nov 5, 2020 (Archive link)
NY Times front cover HD (Archive link)
Crowder Bits Michigan Hearing Highlights
NowThisNews Parliament Brawl

Quitman 10+2

TL;DR: Some Shaniquas committed voter fraud and were let go.
The bugman journo makes them out to be victims and
blames White supremacist voter suppression.
I wonder what the jury looked like… 


Yahoo News Full Story (Archive link)