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yo how does this work lol

hate-bit musick

Ambient minimalism, mystical contemplation & radical 8-bit:


If you think it’s attractive at some level, you’re cordially invited to wait for the next magnum opus “No Future for Demokratur“. If not, just forget it for ever and ever.

Ending it all temporarly

Hi I’d like to poison myself safely, just to get some days off work. Ideas ?

Some good sites to go to for Men (and women) of European heritage (and proud of it).

If you are proud of your European heritage and are concerned about the disenfranchisement of your fellow white people, some sites to visit if your not already aware of these sites.

1. https:www.eurocanadian.ca

2. www.amren.com

3. www.frontpagemag.com


Some good wholesome redpilled music

I have been listening to the band “Ubervolk” and their new album “Musik for Nations” lately. I don’t know how many of you anons know of it but it is quite pleasant to listen to and isn’t some heavy metal shit. So I figured I would post here about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R2fJSKvE1g&list=OLAK5uy_lG7mwvymK8AZcKVk5RYDmUTXqEwTWJ_U4




 Hasta La Vista Sionsta & Kapitalista


Please drop us a line, here:


– Hail

“today’s conservative is yesterday’s liberal”

(25:50 – 44:45 ish)

But that “pathological altruism” or honorable and empathetic aspects of whites (who make up the conservative party 80% or more) is not a weakness alone. It is just being manipulated and misused.

dear white guys…I will save you if you save me…

I promise to save the west if get me a maui bitch and money…I will promote brett and 80% of the shit he says will make it to the mainstream…DO NOT ALLOW NIGGERS TO KILL ME PLEASE!!!! put me in a nice home so that I CAn spread his message…once Europe is secure I will be expecting some hawaiipoon thoooo….so lets find out…call 1-916-468-9135…ask for Adrian….


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